As a business owner or an entrepreneur, have you ever tried to hire employees? Initially, it’s easier to think it’s easy, but once you commence the process, You then realize how complex it can become and how important it is to get it right.

According to Punch Newspaper “It was discovered that 58.9% of HND graduates are unemployed, 49.55% of OND graduates are unemployed and 39.75% of BSc holders are unemployed…” Certainly, many people are actively looking for job opportunities, but there are suitable ways to hire employees, right?

In hiring employees, it’s important to carefully select an employee that aligns with the company’s goals and objectives. In today’s labour market In Nigeria, finding the ideal job candidate to fill suitable job roles in your organization is hard. This is why most companies contract recruitment agencies to help bridge the gap and achieve the company’s goals and objectives by recruiting the best talents for their vacant positions.

As an employer below are the reasons why employers should decide to make use of the service of a recruitment agency for the following reasons:

Gives the employer more time.

Using the services of HR professional to ensure organization gets a quality hire.

Ensure new hires suit the organizational goals and objectives.

No in-house hiring expertise.

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7 Steps to Select a Recruitment Agency in Lagos Nigeria.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking to hire new employees and you are looking to select a suitable recruitment agency to use? Below are the tips to guide you in making a choice based on the organizational budget and the description of the role.

  1. Organizational Research of the Agency

It’s important to carry out extensive research about the agency before you decide to work with them for your hiring needs, make sure you do your research. The simple research, should include searching the internet about the company on Google to find out the following details:

  • The organization’s years of experience.
  • Their recruitment process flow and timelines.
  • Their job portal candidate database.
  • The years of experience of the agency.
  1. Understanding your organizational needs

One of the most important steps is to understand the needs of the organization before selecting a recruitment agency for your company. For example, a big recruitment agency with multiple organizational portfolios may fail to fill your position with the right candidate if you cannot communicate what you need from the prospective candidate.

It’s important as an organization to carry out internal assessments and understand what your needs are for the job role that you are trying to fill. You can only communicate your needs to a recruitment agency when you have clearly taken the time to discover them.

3 Organization Assessment

In discovering the organization needs the recruitment agency as part of their proposal, you can help provide a clear guide on the approach as well as access yourself by asking the following questions:

What category of staff is feasible for your organization? For example, do I need a permanent or temporary staff member?

Based on the budget of the role, is it feasible for the prospective employee to work remotely or onsite?

What type of grade level of employee is required, for example? Is it a senior or entry-level role?

What level of expatriate is required to be successful in the role? For example, is it someone with a basic skill set or a professional?

A recruitment agency may be exceptional in the services they provide, but to simplify the process, it’s important to know what you want as an employer.

  1. Itemize your needs.

As an employer, it is important to clearly itemize your needs and share your valid areas of concern, including HR and recruitment terms, itemizing the areas you are not familiar with. Also, ask specific questions to be sure you understand the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement of the recruitment agency’s service before agreeing to proceed with the contract.

  1. Evaluate the Terms and conditions.

It’s important to evaluate the terms and conditions of the recruiting contract before you proceed. Identify the areas of flexibility when it comes to talent acquisition contracts and the like to ensure they can go above and beyond to make sure they help their clients find and retain talents.

  1. Recruitment Budget/Cost

It’s important to clearly evaluate the total cost of an employee because salary is not the only item to be considered in itemizing this cost.

Key requirements could include other statutory payments and other benefits for the prospective employee. All this is a cost an employer should be concerned with when trying to recruit for your vacant position(s).

It’s also important that this itemized cost be compared to the budget of the employer to ascertain if it matches to make an effective business decision for the business both on a long- and short-term basis.

On average, recruitment agencies in Lagos, Nigeria, usually charge a percentage, usually an average of 10% of the position’s gross annual salary.

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It’s also important to itemize costs as a key factor in planning.

  1. Additional support services

If you are running a start-up or a small business, it’s important to ensure that the recruitment agency offers additional support services. This includes a guarantee period to replace the new hire in the event of resignation, for example, a period of 2–6 months.

Full background checks, including education background checks, guarantor checks, and previous work history, to ensure the new hire aligns with business goals and objectives.


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