HR Consulting

HR Consulting

At HC Services we specialise in Increasing productivity with cutting edge HR Solutions and cutting-edge techniques, provides every client with an expert in consulting that is ready to implement a myriad of solutions.

These solutions enable organization set up the HR Department or effectively outsource the process, to produce a maximum result, while achieving the organization set goals and objectives.

While some companies prefer to experience the cost-saving benefits of outsourcing their new employee and their training process, letting HC Services team of expert effectively help to save money by focusing on what they do best, their core business functions.

We are specialised in providing services that assist a new or existing business with HR Specialist support to stand the test of time. Our HR Services are tailored to meet the needs of start-ups, small, medium, large businesses with flexible rates are linked to the size of your business.

Which could be one-off, monthly charge based on the number of your employees, while you can have unlimited access to HR support, making your business legally compliant, proactive and professional advice so your risks are reduced as and when they arise.

Our HR Department Set-up includes;

Employment Contracts, Terms and Contract

We provide organizations or individuals with a process flow for creating a customised sample letter of agreement between employer and employee.

This letter is available for various employment types at an affordable rate

HR Policies and Procedures

We provide the organization with the process flow of creating a customised sample hr policies and procedures manual template.

Employee Handbook Policy

We provide organizations with the process flow of creating a customised sample Employee handbook policy template.

New Employee Starter Forms

We provide organizations with the process flow of creating a customised sample of Employee Starter Forms.

Induction Checklist

We provide organizations with customised induction checklist for staff that meets all Audit and legal requirememt 

Reference Request

We offer service of processing reference request for staff of the organization.

Exit Interview Paperwork

Our Services include optimising an exit interview framework, that helps the organization retain workforce while achieving their set goals and objectives.

Resignation Documents

We provide the organization with the process flow of creating a Resignation document for staff.

Performance Management

We provide the organization with a performance management framework for staff to achieve organizational goal.

Disciplinary Issues/procedures

We provide the organization with disciplinary Issues/Procedure template to achieve organizational goals and objective.

HR Database & Records

We provide the organization with the HR database & records manual template for effective reporting.

Employment Verification

We provide organization employment verification for staff to ensure all certificates and document submitted are valid.

Leave Administration

We provide leave administration policy for organizations while ensuring it’s effective to improve staff performance on the job and achieve the organization goals and objectives.

Payroll & Benefit Administration

We provide payroll & Benefit Administration services for organization both manual and automated methods at affordable rate

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