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Heligande Corporate Services, or ‘HC Services’, is a management consulting firm specializing in deploying the best solutions for your business. We also specialize in the provision of excellent outsourcing services and HR services to organizations. One of our foremost objectives is to ensure that clients have a productive and highly engaged workforce dedicated to achieving their corporate objectives without the hassle of losing focus on their core business goals and objectives.

We are a professional recruitment firm in Lagos, Nigeria, we specialized in utilizing various tools to reduce the time in accessing suitable and qualified candidates to fill a specific role in an organization for the purpose of helping employers decrease their cost-per-contract and give more choices. Our selection consultancy and staffing organizations help our clients expel the misery of finding the right talent.

We are the trusted recruitment partner to start-ups, large and small businesses across Nigeria.

Our recruitment agency offers the following services:

  • We provide our clients with timely and cost-effective recruitment services.
  • We carefully analyze your recruitment needs and make a point by point recommendations.
  • We work with your organization to plot and implement a recruitment and talent-acquiring framework that works for your organization.
  • We help your organization exceed expectations in the ‘war for talent’.

Do you need to fill a specific role?

Do you need CVs/Resumes for suitable and qualified candidates?

Each official chase campaign is specially customized and proposed to pass on a shortlist of candidates who are suitable at an affordable rate. HC Services combines sharp research techniques and our wide market knowledge to ensure a timely and strong shortlist of candidates who we plan to present to the client.

Our strategies consolidate early on Skype or Google Plus interviews and get up to speed with versus interviews. We then collect a report with a layout biography, chat with feedback on each candidate, compensation package, and market references.

Our Staffing solutions include;

  • Search and Selection
  • Permanent Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing


Our goal is to provide quality professional services at a suitable and affordable rate, with customer satisfaction being the key objective of our cause.

We are daily driven to keep our promise to offer excellent services.


Our core value is hinged on the following:

Quality Service.




Recruitment (Search & Selection) Our recruitment services are carried out by professional human resources professionals that have a clear understanding of our environment. While we ensure it strikes a balance of cultural and strategic fit between our clients and candidates, we present a custom-made solution to minimize the workload, releasing the pressure of decision-making and significantly reducing the recruitment cycle time. We understand how difficult it can be to find qualified candidates with limited time and resources.

At HC services, we are combining globally acclaimed search and selection tools with our stringent methodology to consistently identify and recruit for organizations the best of the best. This will help you:

Hire the right people at the right cost for your business to succeed.

Create and deploy world-class tools and methodologies to assist you with your decision.

Oversee the entire process of recruiting a large number of employees at various levels across the country.

Create and implement a graduate recruitment program to attract the best entry-level talent.

Other Services we specialize in providing include.

Outsourcing Management

HR Outsourcing

Our in-depth industry experience and expertise in creating and delivering value through our HR capabilities in people and systems will be brought to bear in providing end-to-end Human Resources Management. Our team can handle HR functions such as:

• Managing Employee Relationships

• HR tax assistance work

• Verification and background checks

Payroll Management At HC Services, we have an efficient management system that can bring flexibility, scalability, and convenience to your payroll functions. We also provide customized payroll administration services to meet specific needs. We ensure your staff are paid on time and in compliance with statutory requirements. We guarantee compliance with all applicable laws and thus keep you free from potential litigation. We also provide up-to-date reports and details of transactions to keep you abreast.

Search and Selection

You need a quick solution to search and select candidates to fill specific roles in your organization.

HC Services is specialised in balancing cultural and strategic fit between employers and employees with a clear understanding of our environment.

HC Services ensures it strikes a balance of cultural and strategic fit between our clients and candidates reducing the pressure of decision making and significantly reducing the recruitment cycle time.

Permanent Staffing

HC Services offers the provision of best-fit and qualified talents to organization aimed at supporting their Business process, offering comprehensive permanent staffing service covers the entire process, from the initial briefing to the offer and onboarding, saving your company valuable time.

We understand that every great company is built on great people. Sourcing and finding highly qualified and talented candidates for permanent positions will always require time and specialised searches. 

The employment markets and opportunities are highly competitive and recognising the exceptional people is important to grow your business.

Temporary Staffing

HC services offer the provision of best-fit and qualified talents to an organization aimed at supporting their Business process. While offering hiring temporary staffing solutions to business owners is often an inevitable step in the growth process.

This service is designed to provide your company with on-demand unexpected or irregular, seasonal staffing needs to achieve the business organizational goals and objectives.

AT HC Services recruit, screen, and hire skilled qualified employees and on a moment’s notice and can provide clients with staff to fill any shortages. Our temporary staffing is cost-efficient and can accommodate an extensive range of specialities with varying skill levels.

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